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welcome, you are just visiting webpage where you can find "results" of "artistic research" done by michal cáb [1], [2]. years ago i was mainly "composing" music and than i shifted more to the problematic of musical/visual instrument itself (probably under influence of kim cascone [3]) and its interface. guess interface hides an apriori for using which is kind problematic. these topics occupied my mind during ph.d. studies at academy of fine arts in prague [4],[5].

pure data [6] has become one of convenient programming language for me. after few years of learning i figured out how to create simple music instrument and how to play it (which is something completely different than building it). later on i shortly explored another languages as supercollider [7] and some other weird stuff [8], [9].

i am usually having (noisy) concerts with my DIY built instruments (hw/sw) or cooperate with another musicians/visual artists. time by time i compose music for theatre [10] or create a specific sound designs. for last few months i am trying to shift myself again to more phenomenologic/ontologic thinking about sound. what is the sound? (well, hope this questions is enough till the end of my life).

importance of using open-source software in pedagogical/artistic processes is essential for me. so i am also trying to apply it in my pedagogical/artistic practices.